Most campers coming to Kick Rocks Campground make one mistake over and over again, they fail to consider how cold it can be at night in Tennessee. Not being prepared for sleeping, sitting or hiking in cold weather can make a trip tougher. We recommend excellent cold weather sleeping bags (rated to a minimum of 40 degrees, with lower even better). If you don’t own such gear, there are retail and on-line stores like REI and Arrive Outdoors that do rent high quality sleeping bags.

We would also recommend you have some good thermal underwear, gloves, a hat, and the like. If you are out hiking, your body heats up, but when you sit down at night it feels much colder. The clothes you wore during the day will likely not be enough for you during the night.

Bring PLENTY of firewood. Selfish or unprepared campers have devastated many of our trees and shrubs by not bringing wood or enough wood and then cutting our trees! This is unacceptable and it can take a long time for shrubs and trees to grow back.

Average Temperatures

December – 66˚/36˚

January – 68˚/36˚

February – 72˚/41˚



Spring can be a crazy time temperature wise in Tracy City Tennessee. It can be hot during the day one day and sleet the next! I have had it sleet on me in Middle Tennessee on April 18th!

You need a good mix of clothes for both conditions. Those that only come prepared for warm temperatures or very cold temperatures could be in trouble. We can also have some strong winds at this time of year so you want to plan on dealing with that should it occur. Rain is rare very rare this time of year.

Average Temperatures

March – 80˚/46˚

April – 88˚/54˚

May – 97˚/65˚



Summer in Tennessee is hot! It can easily get over 100 degrees and stay there for weeks.

If it rains hard, the campgrounds can be muddy so you want to plan accordingly. This is very rare but does happen on occasion.

Summer is my favorite time of year as a landscape photographer because the skies are the best, the storms are amazing and isolated, and the sun will set right over the horizon. The tip to having a great time is this little secret, KEEP THE SUN OFF YOUR SKIN! Yes, wear long-sleeved shirts (not cotton), long pants (not cotton) and a hat and by keeping the sun off your skin you will feel and be cooler! If you see me out and about, I am wearing long sleeved UPF 50+ fishing shirts, long nylon or quick-drying pants and even fingerless fishing gloves (also UPF 50+)! I am out all the time in the heat and having a blast, but I know that I must stay well hydrated and covered up.

Average Temperatures

June – 100˚/72˚

July – 99˚/73˚

August – 97˚/72˚




One of the best times of year to go anywhere in Tennessee. You will think you fell into a perfect landscape painting. The colors are truly breathtaking. 

Temperatures vary widely from very cold to super hot so I would bring a mix of clothing to cover all your bases.

By far my favorite time of the year to camp and enjoy Tennessee's great outdoors.

Average Temperatures

September – 93˚/66˚

October – 86˚/56˚

November – 75˚/45˚