• Check In After 3pm & Check Out After 11am
  • Reservation “modifications” that shorten your stay which attempt to circumvent cancellation fees, will not be granted or approved.
  • Reservation “modifications” within the five day cancellation period will not be accepted other than extending the reservation or adding or reducing members of your party. We will consider giving credit on future stays for the amount of funds lost.
  • We will not accept any modification requests to non-refundable reservations other than to extend the reservation.
  • We are an OFF-GRID campground which means there is no electricity and no running water on site. This information is provided on every Airbnb listing and on the website in many locations. We do not issue refunds for people who fail to read the listings.
  • Please do NOT collect limbs or branches off of trees, shrubs or other vegetation around the campsites.
  • Guests may not bring additional tents, cots, or sleeping bags to increase capacity at any of our sites. This merely increases demands on our services but provides no additional resources. If you have more people than our website and Airbnb’s website has listed for each campsite, then you need to reserve multiple campsites. Our largest campsite can handle up to seven (7) campers, other areas can handle up to four (4) campers.
  • Guests may not move tents, firepits, campground decorations, picnic tables, and such. Chairs may be freely moved around the campsite at which they are located.
  • Please do NOT drive cars directly to campsites, park in the parking lot at the front of the property.

Wildlife Policy

  • If you are lucky enough to see any type of wildlife including snakes, please respect the fact that they were here before we were. Please call us or notify onsite management if you have any concerns.
  • Please shake out your shoes every morning to be sure no scorpion or centipede has made it way into your shoe.
  • Please do not feed any wildlife intentionally or unintentionally as this may lead to a problem resulting in the removal of that animal. Store all food in hard sided containers such as an ice chest or plastic storage box.

Checkout Policy

  • Thank you for choosing to stay at Kick Rocks Campground and we hope you have had a wonderful time. Before you leave, we ask you to help make sure the campground stays in great shape. Please adhere to the following checkout procedures:

    1) Please make sure there is NO trash left on the ground around your campsite. This invites wildlife and can cause significant issues in the future. There are trash cans at every site or a very short walk away, please dispose of all trash in the metal trash cans around the campsite.

    2) Do not place trash around the dumpster at the front. This remains locked so that other property owners and non-camping guests can’t place trash in them. Leaving trash outside invites problems with wildlife and could lead to their trapping and removal which none of us want.

    3) Do not leave household debris at the dumpster. We are not a landfill. The dumpster is monitored by a game cam and anyone dumping old grills, furniture, and other items will lose their security deposit.

    4) Please do NOT leave any food in the tents, trailer or tipi as this encourages wildlife to enter tents.

    By doing these simple things, you will help us keep our prices down so that as many travelers as possible can afford to come and experience the beauty of the Middle Tennessee region.

  • Respect Our Neighbors
    • ALL of the land surrounding Kick Rock Campgrounds is private and so are the roads! You may not wander or explore off our property for your protection and the protection/respect of our neighbors.
    • Trespassing is taken very seriously in Tennessee and Kick Rocks Campground is not responsible for your safety if you choose to willingly trespass.
    • Do not drive around ranch roads to see the sites as our neighbors respect their privacy. But please respect the privacy and land of others just as you would want others to respect your dwelling, home, and/or land.